Our goal in the Sustainable Engineering & Management (SEM) group is to impart knowledge and expertise of sustainable economies to students and partners. We utilize instruments and tools to help improve the environmental impacts of products and processes for a holistic approach to making business decisions.

Our focus in SEM

Sustainable product development

Assessment of product environmental impacts and development of concepts to improve environmental sustainability

Circular economies

Assessment and development of recycling, reuse, and remanufacturing systems

Energy and material flow management

Assessment of operational material flows as well as determining areas for optimization

Resource management

Assessment of operational resource and risk management including resource efficiency and valuation of macro-economic resource criticalities

Sustainable business models

Economic and technical development of business models in the area of sustainability


Analysis of products and services in electric mobility along with their technical prototyping



Know-how, including methods and instruments of sustainable management



Assessment of questions relevant to sustainability along with the development of methods of product and process sustainability



Partnerships from industry and academics for teaching and research purposes



Tools and instruments for sustainable products and processes